Our Company
Surfnet Communications is a Central Coast based community-oriented broadband Internet Service Provider. Our emphasis for the past 10 years has been on broadband wireless access for mountain and coastal communities that are un-served by DSL or Cable. We've recently expanded our offerings to Fiber To The Home (FTTH) in select areas.  We started operations in Santa Cruz County, where our networks now span the full county- as well as parts of Santa Clara County. In 2008 we expanded coverage to include San Luis Obispo County. 

 Since then, Surfnet has continued to upgrade the network performance and reliability, providing a large underserved area of Central California with the high-speed Internet services so essential to residents and businesses.

As a local company, we have enjoyed working with residents, businesses, schools, churches and local governments to help build and maintain a reliable addition to the rural communications infrastructure.

Company Mission
Surfnet's mission is to provide coastal and mountain communities with reliable, high-speed Internet access and computer related services that enable local businesses, residents, land telecommuters to fully leverage the latest Internet and communication technologies for their work, study and play.

Company Goals
To provide robust, highly reliable broadband Internet services by carefully engineering the latest wireless and fiber technologies into an effective, redundant, self-healing and self-adapting broadband network.

To ensure our clients a totally satisfying customer experience with our services, as well as in any interactions with our friendly, capable staff in sales, installation, billing and technical support.

To be an asset to the Community and neighborhoods in which we serve by providing local jobs, supporting community services, contributing to the local economy and hopefully reducing some commuting traffic.

Our Infrastructure
Our Santa Cruz connection to the Internet is located at the Market Post Tower building in the heart of the Silicon Valley. This facility houses most of the major tier-one Internet providers and nearly 40% of the west coast Internet traffic passes through this building. It is a homeland defense facility hosting the IRS, FEMA, and other state and federal agencies. Because of our excellent backhaul connection and because we have two high-capacity microwave connections to this facility from the Santa Cruz mountains, our customers enjoy excellent download and upload bandwidths with minimal latency.

Our San Luis Obispo connection to the Internet backbone is located at Digital West, a world-class data center in San Luis Obispo. With redundant power and connectivity, data-grade fire suppression, seismic sensitive design, and 20,000 square feet of monitored air-conditioned space, Digital West offers data center services that are normally found only in larger metropolitan markets.

Our network infrastructure has been designed and is being enhanced continually with the latest technology and robust, major regional backbones. This means high brand width and higher reliability for our customers.



Our Network

Surfnet's Santa Cruz County network covers roughly 200 square miles, most of it mountainous and tree covered. tiny Santa Cruz mapOver the years, we have expanded the network to provide line of site coverage for most parts of Santa Cruz, as well as portions of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties.

Surfnet's San Luis Obispo (SLO) County network is also shown in green. San Luis Obispo has fewer trees and is flatter than Santa Cruz County and hence requires fewer antenna locations per square mile. tiny map of SLOWe have already upgraded all existing access-point equipment and continue to expand the network coverage area, insuring that SLO customers can enjoy reliable, very fast, Internet access.